Letter To Obama: Do Not Rely On These Signatures And Letters by Maduro

Escrito por Jose Miguel el . Posteado en Cartas

Jose Miguel
A mi no me van a decir qué pensar, qué decir ni qué escribir, por eso fundé esta revista. Yo escribo para no morir en el tiempo; opino para defender lo que sé y cuestiono para descubrir lo que no. Merideño | Libertario.

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I always like to start this type of text setting my position. Despite what people repeat, product by opinion matrix, it is clear that Barack Obama does not represent capitalism, and in this point he will agree. His ideas, practices and policies are rather, socialists, and what could differentiate Obama with any other ruler of Latin American Left is without doubt the Republic. This separation of powers and institutions of the United States that do not let you do more than what is allowed.

Anyway, this letter is not to refer to systems of government but the chavista scam, which Nicolas Maduro takes to the Summit of the Americas in Panama, in the form of signatures and letters. People say that humans are not but more that animals of habits, perhaps that explains why in Venezuela we see fraud, theft, crime, looting and of course: corruption as normal. But not everyone could understand a conversation between two Venezuelans, because although we do seriously or as a joke, when we talk about politics there is nothing good that we can say.

Mr. Barack Obama: very different from those speeches that surely you will not see complete, those where Nicolás Maduro makes for insult you, what I want is to explain how things are done in Venezuela -more intensely since Chavez arrived- and what we are used about how to “play politics” in the country, because in the outside maybe could not understand.

In these places, in political, the sincerity is not valued, but the lie is, success is not applaud but to mediocrity is; and especially honesty is not rewarded but the scam is. Here, for many decades several persons often called themselves “democratics” but that I see at election periods since coming to school, goes through college and immersed in the laboral world, are not voters but mere farm animals being herded to the ballot box. Chavismo is an expert on that, and to collect those assumptions million signatures and those letters that they want send to you, these bandits did something much worse than that.

For starters, achieve collect all those letters and signatures -which are no anything but a scam vulgar- requires a dirty and corrupt political machine at all levels. For example, mothers and Venezuelan parents have reported time and again that their children placed them as homework at school, write a letter to Obama. Not that the kids wanted, is that in their innocence, they were manipulated to do it, and this is the first resource that is always used by delinquents: play with innocence. But that is not enough for somebody that have a perverted mind, part of the signatures, are merely the product of extortion that Chavismo makes to the public employees, using impunity and blackmail that they will be fired if they do not obey.

No, that’s not all, there is still something much more embarrassing. Chavismo has caused for several years a whole shortages never before seen in Venezuela, not only of food but of medicines, household products, entertainment and clothing. Today, the situation is critical, which is conviniance for them and that leverage these officials that you have seen on the charts with sanctions that you have had to sign. How do they capitalize? Playing with the need from the people, moreover, either is true that all Venezuelans are victims, because there are several persons who hide behind the shortage to live in a way cynical and immoral. To give you an idea, I’m in the Venezuelan Andes and the people here do not know about meat or chicken already a month ago.

Can you imagine what kind of thing, can do with this situation? They have done. They have sold to Venezuelan people: meat, chicken, fish and even milk provided they sign a “control distribution of these foods”. So, to say what it they have is a chavista scam, because it you will receive is just the list of people they forced to go through that humiliation.

Mr. Barack Obama, this is the way to do things in Venezuela. A country controlled by those to whom his government considers a threat to US security; and rightly so, because anyone who makes people you live with every day, which makes chavismo with Venezuelans, of course it is a threat to all its neighbors. Crime doesn´t know boundaries, and although some bandits have no weapons with which to perpetrate their crimes, as they have nothing to lose could be ready for anything.

Finally, I am convinced Mr. Barack Obama that has been clear: Venezuelans are not asking you to repeal any decree. Some were just doing their job, others avoiding being dismissed and others were buying meat, milk, fish and chicken.


Author: José Miguel  |  Picture: Barack Obama  |  Translated by: Dakar Parada

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